This article will talk about how to decide whether you want to move out of a facility, ways to get the care you need at home, and the programs that can help you transition from a facility to your own place.

In this article, the word “facility” refers to a variety of types of housing where help or services are provided as part of the housing. A person may live in a facility because they are recovering from an illness or accident, or because they need specific medical services related to a disability. Here are some examples of different types of facilities:

Many people live in a facility at some point. You might stay in a facility for a short time while recovering, or live there for a long time. Whether to live in a facility and for how long depends on your needs and desires. Living in a facility may be the best choice for you at a particular time. But there are also many options to get the care and services you need in a variety of places, including in your own home.

If you are living in a facility and decide you are ready to move out, some programs can help you move from a facility to the community.