Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)
updated March 28, 2024

Through Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gives grants, rent help, and access to supportive housing units to people with low income who are living with HIV/AIDS. If you are HIV positive, or if you live with a family member who is, you and your family might be able to get help from HOPWA. There is no age limit.

Who It Helps

To see if you qualify, the first step is to figure out how much money you make. For HOPWA, you must make less than 80% of the average income in your area. For example, if the average annual income for a person in your family situation in your area is $20,000, you would need to earn 80% or less of that ($16,000) to qualify for HOPWA. The actual income limit depends on the number of people who live in your household and the area you live in. HUD lists the average income levels in different areas.

When you apply for help from HOPWA, the local agency will help you figure out whether your income is low enough to qualify.

How It Helps

HOPWA helps in different ways depending on your needs and the local agency running the HOPWA program in your area. It may:

  • Give rent help that can lower your rent
  • Pay for short-term emergency housing expenses that can keep you and your family in your home
  • Have supportive housing units with low rent available that are only for people who are HIV positive.

In the Twin Cities area, the most common HOPWA help is access to supportive housing and vouchers to help pay your rent.

Outside of the Twin Cities area, HOPWA often helps with money to pay short-term, emergency housing expenses that let people stay in their own homes if they’re unable to pay housing expenses for a short time.

How to Apply

HOPWA is managed through nonprofit agencies. To apply, contact an agency that is near you. In Minnesota, there are three main HOPWA agencies:

  • JustUs Health, a statewide program that provides a variety of HOPWA services
  • Clare Housing, a statewide program that runs supportive housing programs, and
  • Hope Harbor, a 96 unit housing complex managed by Salvation Army North.

Find Out More

Apply for HOPWA

You can apply for HOPWA services through JustUs Health.